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Once a retailer or customer approves your product, we will assist to complete the supplier onboarding and SKU setup processes.


We are very involved in all aspects of a new product introduction by way of a market test, promotional event, or national rollout. With active participation in the development of “plan-o-grams” and finalizing launch documents, we collaborate with our customers to ensure the successful execution of planned programs by the in-store merchandising teams.


We will communicate closely with buyers to ensure that purchase orders are issued on a
timely basis for launch & on an ongoing basis.


Throughout the product launch, we will provide email and phone support for the merchandising teams, and by engaging with the retailer’s web-based portals (when available), we will track progress and measure the quality & integrity of the program configuration.


We cooperate closely with our clients to outline product training objectives (for in-store retail sales associates) We will assist to develop appropriate Product Knowledge materials and delivery methods.

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